Find the right forex broker

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How to find the right Forex broker?

5 points you need to keep in mind

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Make sure that the broker complies with the applicable regulations.
The broker should be registered with the Bafin. In order to determine that the broker is also acting in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, go to “About Us” on his website and it should state whether he is registered with the Bafin.

The Bafin lays down the rules that regulate and control the security of the financial markets.

One of its tasks is to protect the public from fraud, manipulation and unfair practices related to the trading of commodity and financial futures and options and to ensure open, financially sound financial markets.

Make sure the currency pairs you want to trade are offered. 
This is what you should do if you want to trade a certain currency pair (for example, US dollars for Swiss francs). Be absolutely sure that the broker you have chosen also offers this currency pair.

Check out the reviews of brokerage firms.
 If you think you’ve found a good broker, check out other people’s comments on the internet and see if they’ve had a good experience. If you find that most of the reviewers are complaining about him, then keep searching.

Check the trading platform.
Make sure the trading platform is set up in such a way that you find it user-friendly. Typically, brokerage firms post screen shots online on their websites. You can probably find videos on YouTube that show how people actually use this trading platform. Make sure it’s the kind of platform you can work with.

Note the brokerage fee.
Every time you do a business you are going to have to pay money. Make sure this agency fee is in line with the market.

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